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Welcome to giant. We’re here to help you, and thousands of other independent contractors, make the most of your income.
How? With a smart mix of expertise, compliance, technology and care. Tap into our 25+ years of award-winning experience.

umbrella company or limited company?

Choose giant umbrella for all the benefits and protection of continuous employment while enjoying the freedom of being a contractor.

Or choose giant accounts to make your limited company easy to run, with personalised advice from qualified accountants.

Unsure which way to go? Our best-advice team offers you a personal review to see if umbrella employment or a limited company is the best option for you and your career.

your take-home pay calculator

Use our quick take home calculator to work out how much your net income could be.

weekly income

net income


Please note that the calculations are based on a series of assumptions

risk mitigation
Compliance is our watchword. We anticipate changes in legislation and employment trends, so we develop technology and design smart processes to minimise your hiring risk – now and in the future.
security & GDPR
Our rigorous international security standard ISO 27001 is reassurance that your sensitive data is secure and GDPR-compliant, protecting you from financial and reputational risk (we also adhere to ISO 9001 – international quality standard – and ISO 14001 – environmental management).
experience and expertise
The services of giant umbrella and giant accounts are delivered by giant group, providing compliance driven workforce solutions since 1992. Trusted by companies such as Page Group and Barclays Bank, our cloud-based software and managed services offer streamlined processes, visibility, control, cost savings and risk mitigation to companies of all sizes. Worldwide.